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Don’t hesitate to contact Morgan and Frista if you are looking for professional help with your research design for doctorate study. They have years of experience in formulating research designs to meet the set research objectives and answer the research questions.

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What does a research design for doctorate study include?

A research design articulates what data is to be collected, which methods will be used to collect data, how the data will be analysed and how all of this is going to answer the research questions.

Type of research

Let us know the type of research you are conducting - qualitative and quantitative or mixed approach so that we can create a research design that will enable you answer your research questions as accurately as possible.

Sampling size

Considering the objectives of your research, we’ll decide on the size of samples from whom the data to be collected.

Designing data collection and analysis

Then, we’ll decide on data collection instruments and interpret the reliability of data to meet research objectives. We assure you that our research design will maximise the reliability of data collected.

A common mistake that most of the scholars commit is to begin the investigation without pondering enough what information is required to address the research problem. Without thinking about research design for doctorate study, you will not be able to answer your research questions correctly. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take professional help for structuring your research design.

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Completing my thesis without your help was anything but possible. Your support at every stage of my research has been wonderful. My thesis would not have been approved if you didn’t help me with it. Thank you so much!

Joe Myles
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