The Quickest Way to Write a Dissertation Methodology Section

Because of the details and the level of research needed to complete the methodology section, it can be one of the most challenging sections to accomplish. The total length of a methodology chapter should only be 20 percent of that of the dissertation. You have to clearly explain what you did, why you did what you did, and how you made it happen. You must assure your reader that the methodology you have used was sound.

Write an Error-Free Methodology Section

If your methodology section is not free of errors and a reader discovers the mistakes in it, then he or she will definitely also criticise the rest of the section. You would need to research all the possible methods thoroughly. Then, you must express the reasons why you chose this particular methodology for your dissertation. You may need to, therefore, include an extensive analysis of any alternative methods that you may have used in your work.

Pen a Good Methodology Section

Analyse both the methods that you had wanted to use but not used and those methods that you have used in your dissertation methodology section. In other words, explain in brief why you chose the method that you used over the other methods. Explain the techniques that you had used to evaluate the information collected by you and calculate the final results. Summarise the data that you have collected and the methodologies that you have used in your dissertation.

Explain the Methodology You Used

If you have used quantitative methodology, then clarify why you have used it. If you are not sure how to explain the methodology you have used, make sure you ask your dissertation advisor for help. Outline your methodology and show it to your guide or advisor, who will tell you how to go about writing an explanation of the methodology you have used.

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