The 5 Steps to a Research Design

Well, everyone gets faced with big tasks sometimes in their life, so you got the task to carry out a research and you have to design it. For some the job is a cake walk, they probably belong to another species, while the rest of us find it complicated. For the ones who need to be helped here are five main points that lead to a good design for research:

  • A specific method or way in which the research is carried out, which means that you would need to specify whether you are going to use questionnaires, case studies or simply use meditation to gain worldly knowledge.
  • You need to justify your method of research because not everyone may be able to understand your use of the method and might mistake your meditation to be sleeping!
  • You must then figure out the kind of material you may require for your analysis because the basic meaning of a research is to search a data for a specific goal with the use of a specific method to do that. You also need to zero in on the ways in which you will attempt to get your answers and find solutions to data requirement.
  • Deciding the right number of times in which research or study needs to be carried out in order to make sure that you have hit bull's eye with your research. This helps in ensuring that you have a thorough study, a research that is not supported sufficiently may run the risk of being done loosely.
  • Finally, you need to ensure the kind of software you will use to calculate your data analysis results. Remember, choosing the software has two main requirements, it should either be the one recommended by the research design authority, or one that you find yourself most comfortable working with.

With all the steps in place, you are good to go!

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