Points to Remember When Writing A Research Paper

Research paper writing is one of the most important tasks of a student’s life. It is a difficult, tiresome exercise that ensures handsome final marks in various graduate, postgraduate and research degree programs. If your research paper is incomplete or not properly or duly completed, it may get rejected or you may receive poor grades. Following are a few points to remember when you are writing your research paper –

No Copy-pasting

You should never pick a content that has been generated by some other author. You must prepare your research paper in your words. If you want to use a previously published text, make sure you give due citations. Use the words of other books as quotations and references. Plagiarized research reports do not get a single digit.

Follow one referencing system throughout the paper.

For instance, if you have used, or you have been asked to use APA Style of Referencing, you should keep it all through the document. Do ensure this, before you submit your paper.

Choose fonts and style wisely.

To add some style element, some students choose to use fancy, colorful fonts. This is never recommended. You should use fonts, such as Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc. that are decent, and do not pick fonts like Comic that give childish feel to your research report. Never use colorful fonts, even if you have to highlight something; you can underline, or maybe, bold that section.

Support your explanation and facts with images and graphics.

The best way to convey your message is to insert images, and graphics as charts, tables, maps, etc. in your research paper. Make sure you insert them in their corresponding locations.

Edit and Proofread.

Finally, when you have completed writing your research paper, it is advisable to cross check it for subject and language related errors.

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