How to Choose Well-Matched Research Methodologies in PhD?

Doctor of Philosophy being the most respectable and highest degree in academics demands perfection right from the cover page till references. First hurdle lies in deciding the topic once it is accomplished other jump over are still persisting. Subjective matters are important, but the crucial evaluation of the thesis lies in analytical study and methodologies used in accomplishing it. Often scholars get confused while choosing the most matched research methodologies and end up with mingling all together.

Selection of a compatible methodology is based on the research topic, questionnaire planned and the attitude towards research. The framework of the research is based on following points-

  • Have in depth knowledge of your dissertation study – Your question can be an answer for your study if you have a thorough knowledge of your topic. The more you read about the topic the more you will be able to evaluate it. For an instance- If your study is based on “the impact of performance appraisal on the productivity of employees” and you are well aware about the performance appraisal, its types, criteria’s of evaluation, factors responsible for it and its end result; you will definitely be in a position to choose interviews and questionnaire methodologies for collecting data.
  • Choose the most appropriate and direct method – It comes next after going through your topic. Compare various research methodologies together with their pros and cons. Give weight age to the one having maximum affirmatives and which can fetch more relevant and appropriate data’s.
  • Value others point of view – If both the above methods are becoming feeble, then you can even go through previous journals and similar research papers; this will aid you in deciding a fitting methodology for your paper.

By the end of aforesaid points you will find yourself proficient enough in finalizing your research methodologies.

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